Community investment

The London Philharmonic's Backing Group

Prudential has a long history of community investment, from the philanthropy of our Victorian directors, through sponsorship of sports and arts events, to current environmental and financial literacy initiatives. Support was traditionally offered to public health charities and disaster funds. In the interwar years, beneficiaries included the London Chest Hospital, and in 1926 the company paid for the new Ramsgate lifeboat, later to see service in the Dunkirk evacuation.

Prudential Cup

Our first venture into sports sponsorship came in 1972 with the Prudential One-Day Cricket International series. Cricket sponsorship continued for the next 12 years, including the Prudential World Cup and several England/Australia matches. In 1998, PruTour, the UK's biggest cycle race, was launched.

A series of concerts by the London Philharmonic Orchestra in 1982 benefited from our support. These were closely followed by support for numerous theatre groups and for a scheme to bring the Cologne Opera to London. In 1988 the Prudential Awards for the Arts, the largest arts prizes in the UK, were launched. In 1996 Prudential began sponsorship of a series of major exhibitions at the Tate Gallery. The company was also a founding corporate partner of the Tate Modern.

We published our first Environment Report in 2001, and participated in a joint Government and industry initiative to provide guidance on environmental management and reporting for the financial sector. We have since progressed from Environmental Reporting to full Corporate Responsibility reporting. You can find our latest Corporate Responsibility Report here.

Today, each of our businesses has community investment programmes that provide support to charitable organisations through funding and the experience and expertise of our employees.

We establish long-term relationships with our charity partners to ensure that the projects we support are sustainable and we work closely with them to ensure that they improve continuously.