We now have operations in five African countries, offering millions of new customers the chance to be included in the benefits we provide.

Today people in Ghana, Kenya, Uganda, Zambia and Nigeria can meet their changing needs through access to our products, enjoying the value we create for customers and for communities.


In 2014 we launched our first African business in Ghana, where our aim is to change the face of the Ghanaian insurance industry with world-class products and services.


We launched in Kenya in 2014, providing long-term protection and investment opportunities to Kenyans. Prudential Kenya is committed to creating 1,000 jobs by 2020.


We launched in Uganda in 2015. Our talented Ugandan team is dedicated to developing innovative and affordable products that meet our customers’ changing needs.


We launched in Zambia in 2016, where we have ambitious plans to create a market-leading insurer serving the growing long-term savings needs of Zambians.


We entered our fifth African market, Nigeria, in July 2017, bringing the benefits of our world-class products to new customers in Africa’s largest economy.



Life insurance and economic development in Africa