M&G Investments is an international asset manager with more than 80 years’ experience of investing on behalf of individuals and institutions. Our goal is to help our customers prosper by securing long-term returns from their savings.

For individual investors, we offer a range of collective funds which aim to grow their long-term savings or produce a regular income. For institutional investors, we offer a series of investment strategies to meet their own clients’ long-term needs for capital growth or income.

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Information as at 31 December 2016

Our markets

The European asset management market is the second-largest in the world. Demand for asset management services is expected to continue to grow as governments and employers increasingly pass responsibility for retirement planning and other long-term savings to individuals.

Our people

Our investment edge is our people. We employ nearly 2,000 people operating from offices across Europe and Asia. We take pride in attracting, developing and retaining people of the highest calibre. In return, they are committed to working with us to meet the long-term needs of our customers.

Meeting customers’ needs

We focus on investment strategies to deliver the sustainable long-term returns our customers need. We identify what we believe are the most attractive long-term opportunities across the world’s markets, always mindful of our customers’ tolerance of risk.

Investment expertise

We have expertise in investing in all major asset classes – including equities, bonds, loans, real estate and infrastructure. This allows us to offer our clients long-term investment strategies throughout economic cycles and changing market conditions.

A history of innovation

Since launching the UK’s first open-ended fund in 1931, we have brought a succession of new investment strategies to the retail and institutional markets. In combination with this tradition of innovative investment thinking, M&G has a proven ability to convert ideas into products that meet our clients’ needs and attract significant fund flows. It is these two qualities in combination that make M&G distinctive.



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