How we create value

Prudential has been meeting people’s needs for more than 165 years and today we serve around 24 million insurance customers in diverse markets. We provide protection and savings opportunities to our customers, social and economic benefits to the communities in which we operate, jobs and opportunities to our employees, and financial benefits to our investors. By offering security, pooling savings and making investments, we help drive the cycle of growth.

We want to generate a positive legacy from all of our business activities, across the world, through active engagement and responsible business practices. In all our markets we work to help create more sustainable, resilient communities.


'Strong Foundations' reflects our focus on helping communities - wherever we do business - establish those fundamental 'building blocks' essential for their long-term futures.

We focus on three key 'building blocks' representing three key areas of primary need:

Corporate responsibility review 2015

This report covers our corporate responsibility activities in 2015. It provides an overview of our approach as well as highlights of our progress. The report also includes a selection of case studies from our business units around the world as well as our Group-wide initiatives such as the Chairman's Challenge.

Chairman's Challenge volunteers

Number of volunteers (+56.5%) : 2012 - 4470, 2013 - 5000, 2014 - 6201, 2015 - 7000

Total community investment spend

Cash and in-kind in £m (+72%) : 2012 - £12.6m, 2013 - £18.5m, 2014 - £19.6m, 2015 - £21.7m