Lost your policy?


Have you lost or misplaced a policy? Or do you think that you have an old policy that could be unclaimed? You may not be aware that we can help with trying to trace a policy that was held by a deceased family member or even a policy that you had simply forgotten about.

How to trace a Prudential policy

We understand that policyholders may misplace or forget about their policies, for example when they move house.

Please contact us with details of the policyholder’s:

  • Name;
  • Date of birth; and
  • Address from which payment was last made

And, if you have them:

  • Policy number; and
  • Method of payment eg direct debit or ‘at the door’.

We will then check our records to determine whether a policy still exists and may ask you for further information. Please be aware that while we will try and trace using last name and address, in many cases we will need a policy number.

We take our responsibility to policyholders seriously and are keen to ensure that all claims are settled promptly.

Write to:
Customer Service Centre
BN15 8GB


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