Finance in relationships

Is money a sticking point in your relationship?  Our US business offers some tips on talking about your finances.


When would you like to retire?

“Do you have a desired retirement age?  Are you on track to achieve this?”  Prudential’s UK Intergenerational Retirement Study asks these questions.


Mike Wells - Investing in the next 50 years

Prudential's Group Chief Executive discusses the importance and benefits of investing in Asian infrastructure.


What is ‘value investing’?

M&G takes a look at ‘value investing’, finding it can provide long-term benefits.


The role of positivity in investing

How can you become a more positive saver or investor? We draw on some insights from psychology.


Eastspring’s 2017 Investment Outlook

How much investment risk should you take in 2017? Our experts share their thoughts.


The Prudential Relationship Index

What do 5,000 people in Asia value about their relationships? Take a look at the Prudential Relationship Index.


Spending habits in UK retirement

Do retirees spend all their money on leisure and holidays? We went to find out.


The science of saving

How do our minds sabotage us from saving? Jackson’s Center for Financial Insight investigated.


Mike Wells – Driving an emotional connection with customers

Prudential’s Group Chief Executive highlights a viral marketing campaign that goes to the heart of our purpose.


Stock market investing for the long term

M&G looks at the benefits of a long-term approach to investing.


Attitudes to retirement in East Asia

A major study across East Asia finds that the main source of support for the elderly should not be their family. Who should it be?


The role of insurance in ASEAN markets

How is insurance trade developing across ASEAN markets, and what more needs to be done?


Life insurance and economic development in Africa

How does life insurance contribute to jobs and growth in Africa? What is the potential for further development?