The Prudential Relationship Index


Prudential Corporation Asia has launched the 2016 Prudential Relationship Index (PRI), an exploratory study to find out what matters in personal relationships throughout Asia. Given the vital importance of relationships to people’s happiness, wellbeing and longevity, the PRI offers real understanding and insight into relationships: how to make them stronger, better and more rewarding. A summary is provided below. Full details about the Index, including a short film and relationship quiz, are available here.

About the Index

5,000 interviews were conducted in 10 countries and territories in Asia during Summer 2016. These included Cambodia, China, Hong Kong, Indonesia, Malaysia, the Philippines, Singapore, South Korea, Thailand and Vietnam. The surveys collected information on what individuals need from relationships and how well their existing relationships met those needs. We asked about relationships with partners, children, parents, friends and relatives.

The results

The 10-country rankings were as follows:

  • Vietnam 83/100
  • Philippines 79/100
  • Indonesia 73/100
  • Cambodia 72/100
  • Malaysia 71/100
  • Thailand 71/100
  • Singapore 68/100
  • Hong Kong 58/100
  • Korea 58/100
  • China 54/100

Key findings

The 2016 Prudential Relationship Index was first launched in Singapore during October 2016. The score for Singapore was 68/100. This means, in Singapore, on average, people’s primary relationships fulfil 68% of their desired relationship needs. This also results in a Singapore “relationship gap” of 32%.

The main findings from the study in Singapore were:

  1. Singapore ranks 7th out of 10 countries in Asia for relationship satisfaction
  2. Children, money and housework are the biggest sources of arguments among couples
  3. People in Singapore are the most financially independent in Asia
  4. People in Singapore are more likely to be single than anywhere else in Asia
  5. Men in Singapore are more romantic, women funnier

Five keys to relationship success for people in Singapore were:

  1. Be easy to get along with
  2. Enjoy the sound of silence
  3. Enjoy doing things together
  4. Respect individuality
  5. Be honest

At the Singapore launch event, Prudential’s Angela Hunter said, “Relationships are at the heart of our brand. We know our customers buy our products to protect the people and relationships they care most about. We also know that good relationships lead to good health. Through the Prudential Relationship Index, we want to help people in Singapore better understand their relationships so they can make them more rewarding.”

Full details above the Index, including a short film and relationship quiz, are available here.