Diversity and inclusion

Women in Finance Charter

At Prudential, we want to ensure that all our employees are treated fairly and feel valued, and we believe that a diversity of skill sets and backgrounds enriches the organisation.

A more diverse Prudential, which more closely reflects our markets, will be in a better position to serve our customers and shareholders. A truly inclusive Prudential, where all our employees feel they can be themselves, will become a better working environment for our people and will further improve our performance.

We are committed to making a real difference over time. We have a broad, business-focused diversity and inclusion agenda and we support all employees and affinity groups. We aim to create a fair and inclusive working environment for all our employees, where individuals are empowered, differences celebrated and meritocracy fostered.

We aspire that our organisation across all levels appropriately reflects the populations of the countries in which we operate as well as the experiences of our customers and shareholders and that over time our senior management is more diverse in particular in terms of experience, nationality/ethnicity and gender.

As part of our commitment to diversity, we have signed the HM Treasury 'Women in Finance Charter', which aims to increase the number of women working in senior management in financial services companies. We have set a gender diversity target of 30 per cent females in senior management by 2021.

In order to further increase overall diversity and inclusion at Prudential, we have agreed the strategic direction and plan for improving diversity and inclusion across the organisation. We will continue to run a number of successful diversity and inclusion initiatives that have helped us to date and we will add new activities as required.

At Prudential, we believe that diversity of skillset and backgrounds enriches our organisation. By continuing to ensure diversity among senior leadership teams and pipelines, as well as across the entire employee population, we aim to further increase the positive impact of diversity on our commercial success and our ability to successfully compete in a dynamic business environment.