Cash dividend

Dividend timetable

  2016 Second Interim 2016 Interim
Ex-dividend date 30 March 2017 (UK, Ireland and Hong Kong)
29 March 2017 (Singapore)
25 August 2016 (UK, Ireland and Hong Kong)
24 August 2016 (Singapore)
Record date 31 March 2017 26 August 2016
Payment of dividend 19 May 2017 (UK, Ireland and Hong Kong shareholders)
On or about 26 May 2017 (Singapore and ADR holders)
29 September 2016 (UK, Ireland and Hong Kong)
On or about 6 October 2016 (Singapore)
On or about 6 October 2016 (ADR holders)

These dates are updated in respect of each forthcoming dividend.

  2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Interim (GBp per Share) 12.93 12.31 11.19 9.73 8.40 7.95
Final/Second interim (GBp per Share) 30.57 36.47* 25.74 23.84 20.79 17.24

*Includes a special dividend of 10.00p

Interim (GBp per Share) and Final(GBp per Share) for year 2016 - 12.93 and 30.57, 2015 - 12.31 and 26.47 & 10 special dividend, 2014 - 11.19 and 27.74, 2013 - 9.73 and 23.84, 2012 - 8.40 and 20.79, 2011 - 7.95 and 17.24, 2010 - 6.61 and 17.24, 2009 - 6.29 and 13.56, 2008 - 5.99 and 12.91

Dividend per Share (GBp)

Holders of shares on the UK register and Irish branch register will be paid their dividends in sterling.

Shareholder on the Hong Kong branch register will be paid dividends in Hong Kong dollars. The 2016 second interim dividend payable to the shareholders on the Hong Kong branch register will be translated using the exchange rate quoted by the WM Company at the close of business on 13 March 2017.

If you hold your shares in a securities account with The Central Depository (Pte.) Limited (CDP), the amount you receive will be calculated at the Hong Kong Dollar/Singapore Dollar exchange rate as determined by CDP.

If you hold American Depositary Shares listed on the New York Stock Exchange, you will receive your dividends in dollars. One American Depositary Receipt represents 2 ordinary shares and therefore the UK dividend per share is multiplied by 2 and the result is then converted into US dollars at the prevailing rate.

Dividend mandate form

You may find it convenient to have your cash dividend paid directly into your bank or building society account. If you wish to take advantage of this facility, please print, complete and return the dividend mandate form to the appropriate registrar.

Dividends in currencies other than sterling

It is also possible to pay dividends to shareholders on the main register in certain currencies other than sterling for a nominal handling charge. If you would like to take advantage of this facility, call Equiniti on 0371 384 2035 and check that they will be able to make payment to you in the currency of your choice. They will then be able to send you the appropriate form for your country and desired currency.

Income tax: Changes to UK dividend taxation from 6 April 2016.