Dividend Re-investment Plan (DRIP)

A DRIP is again being offered to shareholders on the UK principal register and the Irish branch register. It is not being offered to holders of American Depository Shares or to shareholders on the Hong Kong branch register ("Hong Kong Shareholders") and shareholders holding their interests through The Central Depository (Pte) Limited ("CDP Shareholders").

Under the DRIP, shares are purchased in the market using the cash dividends that would otherwise have been paid to shareholders. The purchased shares are then distributed to each electing shareholder in proportion to the amount of their cash dividend receivable. The price paid for the shares will only be known after all the shares have been purchased. The share purchase price is shown on the DRIP - share purchase price page.

For further information please refer to the DRIP circular which may be found on the shareholder forms page.

Dividend timetable

2016 Interim 2015 Second Interim
Ex-dividend date 25 August 2016 (UK, Ireland and Hong Kong)
24 August 2016 (Singapore)
24 March 2016 (UK, Ireland, Hong Kong and Singapore shareholders)
Record date 26 August 2016 29 March 2016
Payment of dividend 29 September 2016 (UK, Ireland and Hong Kong)
On or about 6 October 2016 (Singapore)
On or about 6 October 2016 (ADR holders)
20 May 2016 (UK, Ireland and Hong Kong shareholders)
On or about 27 May 2016 (Singapore shareholders)
On or about 27 May 2016 (ADR holders)
DRIP receipt of shares 4 October 2016 25 May 2016 (UK shareholders), 1 June 2016 (Ireland shareholders)
DRIP mandate deadline for 2016 first interim dividend (UK and Ireland shareholders) 8 September 2016

These dates are updated in respect of each forthcoming dividend.

2016 2015 2014 2013 2012 2011
Interim (GBp per Share) 12.93 12.31 11.19 9.73 8.40 7.95
Final/Second interim (GBp per Share) - 36.47* 25.74 23.84 20.79 17.24

* Includes a special dividend of 10.00p