Cha-Ching – the first global financial education programme

We have a longstanding commitment to financial literacy and Cha-Ching is our flagship financial education programme. Launched in Asia in partnership with the Cartoon Network in 2011, it is a multi-media programme built around three-minute animated music videos to help parents instil ‘money-smart skills’ in children aged seven to 12. Developed with Cartoon Network and Dr Alice Wilder, an award-winning children’s education specialist, the programme helps children learn the fundamental money management concepts of earn, save, spend and donate. The programme has gained international recognition for promoting financial literacy and has won several industry awards. Over the past few years, it has grown to become one of the top-rated children’s television programmes in Asia. Cha-Ching is now available in 10 languages and reaches 54.3 million households a day across Asia through the Cartoon Network. The Cha-Ching School Contact Programme brings Cha-Ching directly to schoolchildren across Asia and has reached more than 200,000 schoolchildren in nine Asian countries to date. Prudence Foundation has also finalised a standardised school curriculum for Cha-Ching developed with Junior Achievement Asia. Piloted and refined in 2016, the curriculum is now ready to be implemented in schools across the region which will be the main focus in 2017.

Now a Group-wide programme, Cha-Ching has been launched in Poland, the US, the UK and Africa. In the US, Jackson plans to distribute Cha-Ching with national educational partners and via social media to increase financial literacy with youth. In addition, partnering with Junior Achievement USA, Jackson plans to distribute a five-week teaching curriculum using the Cha-Ching topics and characters to help students engage with personal finance topics.

In the UK, working with Young Enterprise we have developed  the Cha-Ching education website, which provides teachers with financial education resources built around the animated music videos, with supporting lesson plans and teacher’s guidance designed to improve the financial capability of Key Stage 2 pupils. The online educational resource is available free to schools and will also support introduction across our African markets where the different Cha-Ching platforms are being used to consolidate and enhance financial concepts in primary schools.

Programme reached more than 200,000 school children in nine countries