Kenyan scholarship scheme launched

Prudential Africa has extended its flagship scholarship scheme to Kenya.

We are supporting 228 students over five years of secondary school, in partnership with charities Plan Kenya and Kenya Education Fund. The scholarship recipients will be selected according to academic merit and financial need.

The Prudential Scholarship Scheme was launched last year in Ghana, where we are supporting 500 gifted senior high school students to complete their education.

As well as receiving financial support, students will benefit from mentoring by Prudential colleagues. The first mentoring workshops will take place in August in Ghana.

At Prudential we pride ourselves on being a long-term partner with our communities, wherever we operate. We are committed to empowering people, from helping with disaster preparedness across South-East Asia, to teaching new skills to financially disadvantaged people in the US and providing apprenticeship opportunities in the UK.

One of our priorities is education and skills development, because we believe helping people make the most of their talents is the key to sustainable growth.

We are proud to have already committed to supporting more than 700 students in Ghana and Kenya through the Prudential Scholarship scheme. We believe those students will go on to make great contributions to their families, communities and countries.

228 students celebrate receiving their Prudential Scholarships, Kenya.