Prudential Africa’s scholarship programme

In 2014, we created the Prudential Africa Scholarship programme to help talented children from disadvantaged backgrounds finish their secondary education.

In Ghana, where we launched the programme, many children do not make the transition from junior to senior high school because their families cannot afford the cost. Prudential scholarships help to bridge this gap. Working with the charity Plan Ghana, over five years we will provide support and mentoring to more than 500 vulnerable 15-to-19-year-olds, at least 60 per cent of whom will be girls.

We have now extended the scheme to Kenya, our second African market, where we are supporting 228 students over five years of secondary school, in partnership with the charities Plan Kenya and Kenya Education Fund. As well as receiving financial support, students will benefit from mentoring by Prudential colleagues.

Ama, 19, is a first-year student at Osudouku Senior High school in Ghana’s south-eastern Shai Osudouku district. She studies General Arts and is one of the best students in her class. Ama’s father died when she was six years old. Her mother tries to make ends meet by selling corn dough and cassava flour, but she only makes around US$2.70 per day, which is not enough to pay Ama and her sister’s school fees and cover household expenses. Ama was lucky that her church paid her primary and junior high school fees, but they were unable to support her further. Ama and her sister tried to raise money by selling charcoal and vegetables after school and in the holidays, but this left Ama with very little time to study and her schoolwork suffered.

Ama is delighted that now, with a Prudential Africa Scholarship, she will be able to focus on her studies and finish senior high school to the best of her abilities. She said: ‘I am very happy because a big burden has been lifted from me and my poor sister. I am very grateful to Prudential for providing the funds for this scholarship.’

Over five years, more than 500 students will benefit from the Prudential Scholarship Programme.