The BEE programme: teaching inner-city children enterprise skills

Prudential runs financial literacy workshops for nine to 11-year-olds in the London Borough of Tower Hamlets, as part of the Tower Hamlets Education Business Partnership’s Business Enterprise and Employability programme (BEE).

The BEE programme, uniquely designed to be delivered by volunteers from the business community, comprises six workshops on financial knowledge, enterprise skills and employability. Pupils also have the chance to visit Prudential’s offices and The Bank of England Museum.

The first three workshops focus on money and work issues such as salaries, taxes and how to budget. The final three sessions develop enterprise skills, giving children the chance to work in teams to create and market a product to be sold for charity.

Each year volunteers work with year 5 and 6 students to give them a better understanding of key financial concepts.

Amy Brocklehurst, Prudential’s Director of Strategy and Corporate Development and a BEE volunteer, said: “It was great fun and very rewarding volunteering on the BEE programme. The kids were so enthusiastic and keen to learn, it was quite an inspiration. They weren’t overly familiar with some of the concepts we were talking to them about so it felt like they really were getting something out of the sessions. An added bonus was working with a wide variety of participants from Prudential who I had not met before.”

The kids were so enthusiastic and keen to learn