The Zone: preparing young people for their careers

In 2013, Jackson opened the Zone, a satellite office next to the Michigan State University campus, to give students and recent graduates high-quality work that could lead to career opportunities. In 2014, 255 Zone staff provided support to our business operations, up from 152 in the centre’s first year.

The Zone has proved to be a great way of developing young talent of the original recruits, two thirds are still with Jackson and more than 40 have been promoted to full-time positions with the Company or professional internships in their area of study.

Erin Wenger began working at the Zone in July 2014 and within six months was promoted to a full-time position as processor on Jackson’s New Business Cash Team. She said: ‘The opportunity to work at the Zone sent my life in a new direction. I had been stuck in a job that I did not want to make my career, but didn’t know what I should be doing instead. My job at the Zone was a perfect way to learn new skills and was a “foot in the door”. If you had told me two years ago I would love working at an insurance/financial service company, I would have never believed you. The Zone really opened my eyes to the opportunity.’

The Jackson corporate social responsibility team has moved to the Zone to expand the existing Jackson in Action volunteer programme and connect the new staff with meaningful service opportunities. Around 100 Zone associates have given nearly 900 hours of service to the community on Jackson volunteer projects in the past year.

900 hours of service to the community