Call in Time: befriending lonely older people

age UK

Social isolation can be a huge problem in later life. Since 2009, Prudential UK & Europe has supported Age UK’s Call in Time programme to help combat loneliness among older people in the UK.

Call in Time, a telephone befriending service, matches Prudential employees with an older person who they call every week for 20 minutes from their desk. This can have a huge impact on the life of an older person; for some it may be the only call they receive that week.

The programme has now been successfully rolled out to Group Head Office employees. Since April 2014, 70 isolated older people have benefited from the telephone support and friendship of a Prudential volunteer. Across Group Head Office and Prudential UK & Europe, 66 employees have made 836 calls, giving 414 hours of their time.

Call in Time volunteer Toslima Khatun, said: ‘I love being a Call in Time volunteer. I look forward to our chat once a week and feel that I serve in a very small way to remind my friend that she’s valued and appreciated.’

66 employees made 836 calls, giving 414 hours of their time.