United States – Inspiring young people to succeed

In the US, more than 600 Jackson employees help prepare young people for the future, through volunteering and fundraising for Junior Achievement (JA).

JA teaches young people the knowledge and skills they need to succeed, and helps them make smart academic and financial choices. Jackson employees deliver programmes on financial literacy, work readiness and entrepreneurship for over 8,000 students, from kindergarten through to high school.

In addition, the JA Build Your Future App tool was created to help students, their parents and teachers to break down the cost of achieving a young person’s goal, and plan accordingly.

Danielle Robinson, Corporate Social Responsibility Director at Jackson, said: ‘Volunteering with Junior Achievement is one of the best ways for our employees to teach financial education in the classroom. Students need to be taught the basics of personal finance from a young age so they will be prepared to make sound financial decisions in the future. In addition to volunteering with students, Jackson also has executives who serve on the JA board of directors in local markets across the country and the company provides support through grants, matching gifts and in-kind donations. We love that JA gives the opportunity for teachers, parents and community members to all work together to increase the financial knowledge of young people.’

600+ Jackson employees helped prepare young people for the future