Remedial intervention for children with learning disabilities

Set up in 1991, Concern India Foundation extends financial and non-financial support to grassroots NGOs working in the areas of education, health and community development.

Concern India Foundation today supports over 300 grassroots NGOs reaching out to over 136,500 lives directly from the disadvantaged sections of society.

Prudential has been working with Concern India Foundation since 2015, particularly supporting children with different abilities.

A study conducted by Concern India Foundation, observed that the cognitive differences of children with learning issues brought isolation and inferiority in their lives. The challenges faced by these children increased exponentially when they came from a financially challenged background and studied in municipal schools. In 2016 Prudential partnered with the charity to introduce a remedial intervention programme for children with learning disabilities in one of the municipal schools. The objective of this initiative was to create awareness of learning disabilities and support the development of children.

As part of the programme 380 children in the school were assessed of which 100 were found to be requiring additional support to ensure meaningful inclusion in mainstream classrooms. To facilitate this, the programme focused on creating awareness of learning disabilities in schools, capacity building of classroom teachers and organising remedial sessions.

Creating and strengthening an inclusive environment where children with varying abilities can study side by side helps them achieve their maximum possible potential enabling them to remain in mainstream schools, perform with confidence and excel in life.

Creating an environment where children can reach their full potential