SportsAid – encouraging emerging talent

SportsAid is a UK charity that encourages emerging sporting talent. Prudential has supported the organisation for five years, providing grants to athletes to help cover the costs of training and equipment.

As part of Prudential’s support we held a day-long series of workshops for athletes, which included talks on how to manage the media and advice on nutrition.

Leon Taylor, the Olympic diving silver medallist who ran the workshops, says: “It’s massively important for a young athlete of any age – in any sport, whether disabled or able-bodied – to have the support of SportsAid. SportsAid step in when it is needed the most, when they are making the transition from a being a very talented youngster to trying to make it through to the senior ranks of their sport.”

Cyclist Abigail Dentus, 16, says: “My SportsAid award from Prudential has let me upgrade my equipment and allowed me to race at more national events, as last year I could only compete at local events.”

Alex Wright, GB athlete, says: “SportsAid have always helped me and hopefully their support will continue because my training costs, my physio costs, just everything that I need costs money in my sport and hopefully we will continue these workshops like today. It’s been really helpful.”

5 years of supporting rising athletes