Valuing our people

The quality of our people is a key driver of our success. At Prudential, we create an environment in which our people find value and meaning in their work, and deliver outstanding performance for our customers, shareholders and communities.

This is achieved through:

Diversity and inclusion

Providing opportunities for people regardless of their gender, ethnicity, disability status, age, religion, caring responsibilities or sexual orientation. A diversity of skillsets and backgrounds enriches the organisation. Prudential believes that diversity of experience, thought and background is vital to success, both today and in the future. The Board has therefore decided to make diversity and inclusion one of the strategic objectives for Prudential. We maintain an inclusive culture that is sensitive to the needs of employees. We make appropriate disability adjustments as required, and provide training and career development opportunities for all. We also give full and fair consideration and encouragement to all applicants with suitable aptitude and abilities. Read our diversity and inclusion statement.

Talent development

Reviewing our talent annually, and offering a range of programmes and on-the-job opportunities for employees’ development. Our line-managers are actively committed to enabling our people to take responsibility for their learning, and to continue to grow and develop. We believe our employees‘ wellbeing is paramount to their continued personal and professional development. Our programmes are designed to nurture talent and invest in succession planning for our leaders and critical specialists.

Employee engagement

Fostering an environment in which employees can derive meaning and empowerment from their work, and feel they are making an active contribution. High employee engagement is also supported by an array of initiatives, including: colleague appreciation programmes, networking opportunities, employee focus groups, and policies to encourage and support volunteering for charitable causes. Across our businesses we also run employee engagement surveys. The success of our engagement efforts has again been recognised externally, with several of our businesses winning prestigious awards.

Performance and reward

Operating a reward system to attract, motivate and retain high calibre people across all levels. Reward is linked to the delivery of business goals and expected behaviours, and we ensure that rewards for our people are consistent with our values and do not incentivise inappropriate risk taking. We also enable as many employees as possible to benefit from the Group’s success through share ownership.

CR Spotlight: Affinity Group Networks

We have a variety of activities across our Group as part of our commitment to our employees, corporate responsibility and diversity and inclusion.

In 2017 M&G Mind Matters was launched complementing the two Affinity Networks launched in 2016: the London-based Prudential Women’s Network (PWN), and the ‘M&G Pride’ network, for Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) employees and allies. Each network is voluntary, employee-driven, and open to all employees at all levels.

The PWN is dedicated to encouraging, supporting and inspiring women at Prudential to realise their potential. The is achieved through enabling the building of relationships between individuals from different businesses and functions, and providing members with opportunities for interacting with and learning from internal and external role models and speakers.

The M&G Pride network is focused on maintaining a social and supportive environment for people who identify themselves as LGBT, or have friends and or family who are. It is also a platform through which to encourage the recruitment and retention of talented LGBT employees, demonstrating the recognition that people perform better when they can be open.

M&G Mind Matters was launched with guest speaker and mental health campaigner, Jonny Benjamin MBE.  M&G Mind Matters network is run by and for staff at M&G (with executive sponsorship).  The primary objectives of the network are to increase awareness and knowledge around mental health and reduce the stigma associated with mental health issues.

These networks operate through delivering events and networking opportunities, reflect the spirit of diversity and inclusivity, and complement other talent development and employee engagement activities already in place at Prudential.