Community investment

We calculate our community investment spend using the internationally recognised London Benchmarking Group standard. This includes cash donations to registered charitable organisations, as well as a cash equivalent for in-kind contributions.

In 2016, the Group spent £20 million supporting community activities.

The direct cash donations to charitable organisations amounted to £16 million, of which approximately £5 million came from our EU operations, which are principally our UK insurance operation and M&G. The remaining £11 million was contributed to charitable organisations by Jackson National Life Insurance Company, Prudential Corporation Asia and Prudential Africa.

The cash contribution to charitable organisations from our EU operations is broken down as follows: education £2,667,000; social, welfare and environment £2,036,000; cultural £142,000 and staff volunteering £88,000.

Community investment spend as at 31 December 2016* 2016
UK and Europe (charitable cash donations) 5.0 5.8 5.3 4.7
Asia, US and Africa (charitable cash donations) 11.0 13.0 10.6 11.2
In-kind donations across the Group 4.0 2.9 3.7 2.6
Total 20.0 21.7 19.6 18.5

*Figures exclude funding for CR initiatives such as the UK apprenticeship scheme, which are not channelled through charitable bodies.