UK occupied properties environmental performance

Business travel data is taken from UK employees’ expense forms for private and company car business travel, and from corporate travel agency statements for rail and air travel. Other travel that is paid through expense claims is not captured, and will therefore be understated.

Compared with 2014 there has been an increase in rail and air travel and a reduction in car travel . This is largely driven by increased travel into new and growing markets.

2015 Annual Target 2015 Actual
Five Year Target
Electricity (kWh/m2 ) -5% -8.57% -25%
CO2-e derived from Energy use (tonnes/m2) -5% -7.34% -25%
Water (m3/m2) -4% -4.97% -20%
Waste (tonnes/m2 ) -5% 8.63% -25%
Paper discarded (tonnes/m2) -5% -5.76% -25%
Paper use (tonnes/m2 ) -5% 3.56% -25%

The UK Investment Properties likewise have a number of environmental performance targets and KPIs. These are reported separately in M&G Real Estate’s annual Responsible Property Investment Report, available to view here.