Water consumption

Water consumption increased 2.6 per cent across the global occupied estate, driven predominately by the US where more sites reported water data for the first time. Capturing accurate performance data remains a challenge for our business, given the complexity of our global office estate, reliance on estimation in some cases and continual changes to the portfolio, driven by our operational policy in favour of short building leases to retain flexibility for growth in Asia.

We will develop programmes during 2017 to conduct water audits of our major facilities and establish improved monitoring regimes to identify opportunities to reduce our use of water.

Reporting period: 1 October to 30 September
Units: Cubic metres

2016 2015 2014 2013
Asia occupied 101,799 115,905 99,250 97,800
Continental Europe occupied 388 679
UK occupied 47,907 50,861 50,636 50,861
US occupied 88,667 65,271 79,388 78,546
Total occupied 238,761 232,716 229,274 227,207
Total investments* 460,748 504,361 454,931 602,569

*Investment properties within our reporting scope are located in the UK, Italy, Canada and the USA.