Fraud - misuse of Prudential name


The Prudential Group is committed to the prevention of fraud and the promotion of an anti-fraud culture. The Group operates a zero-tolerance attitude to fraud and requires staff to act honestly and with integrity at all times, and to report all reasonable suspicions of fraud. All instances of actual, attempted and suspected fraud committed by staff, consultants, suppliers and other third parties are investigated and the Group will take action against the perpetrators. If you have been the victim of a fraud, or suspect that someone is trying to defraud you, we would like you to tell us by emailing:

You should also report this to the police. In the UK “Action Fraud” is the national reporting centre for fraud and cyber-crime where you should report fraud if you have been scammed, defrauded or experienced cyber-crime. The Action Fraud site is also a great source of information on current fraud trends and carries a detailed list of fraud types.

Misuse of Prudential name

From time to time, the Prudential name and logo have been misused by organisations and individuals unconnected to Prudential for fraudulent purposes. These misuses include unsolicited communications with requests for money and personal details, and claims that Prudential is the guarantor of financial transactions.

Prudential plc takes these matters seriously and works with the appropriate regulatory and police authorities to investigate such scams. If you receive an email message or any other communication that looks suspicious or you feel that you may have been a victim of a fraudulent scheme involving the Prudential name or logo, forward it to:


Prudential plc operates an independent, externally hosted whistleblowing website and hotline system (“Speak Out”) to make it easier to raise concerns and seek guidance on a broad range of issues that relate to the Prudential Group (i.e. bribery or corruption, damage to the environment, fraud, health and safety breaches, falsification of contracts reports or records and violation of policy (i.e. hiring standards, safety, non-disclosure agreements)

The Prudential Group is committed to fostering a culture of openness, honesty and accountability and requires the highest possible standards of professional and ethical conduct of itself and from all employees. Speak Out exists to receive reports of unlawful or inappropriate conduct from all who have a relationship with the Prudential Group (employees, clients, contractors, agents, vendors etc.) and as such all reports to Speak Out are in confidence, will be taken seriously and will be treated fairly and justly.
To raise of concern and make a report.