Business histories


M&G’s long history of innovation began in 1931 when it launched the first unit trust in Britain, the First British Fixed Trust. The idea was brought to Britain by a stockbroker impressed by the way American mutual funds had withstood the 1929 Wall Street Crash.

Since the launch of the first unit trust, M&G's development has continued to include an impressive array of UK firsts, including the M&G Thrift Plan in 1954, the M&G Personal Pension Plan in 1968 and the M&G Japan and General Fund, a pioneer of overseas unit trusts, in 1971.

In 1999 Prudential acquired M&G, strengthening at a stroke the Group’s investment portfolio.

Today M&G manages the investments of individuals, institutions and the UK policyholders of Prudential funds. Its aim is to help these customers to meet their financial goals through long-term active investment management across a diversified range of asset classes.